Pajai Fruit Arrangements is located in Saint Paul, MN. We're offering our specialty for fruit carving arrangement, beautiful Asian sponge fruit cake and Asian pastry, and Asian Boba-tea & real fruit smoothie.

Whether you're planning a wedding, reception, holiday party, an important meeting, or a corporate convention, PAJAI  Fruit Arrangements can help you find that perfect bakes and goods, cake, and table centerpieces to suit all your need.

24 sponge fruit cup-cake
fruit filing: strawberry and mango
whipped cream
decoration with strawberry, kiwi, blueberry and chocolate  waffle roll or  chocolate kit kat bar.
Number of serving: 24

24 Sponge Fruit cupcakes


Please allow 4 business day to process your order.

There may be walk-in cake to purchase for last minute customer. Please inquire within our bakery.